Benefits of Homeschooling with SMCS

We come alongside parents in the education of their children both academically and spiritually.

Knowledgeable and Caring Staff

Our team is passionate about making your home-based education experience  both successful and stress free. Years of service in Christian education with their own children and other children is a benefit not found at all distance learning academies.

Curriculum Options

Decide for your children what format best fits their style of learning, whether online or workbook. Each format offers an academically rigorous and Christian curriculum. 

Convenience & Parent Friendly

Students enjoy the convenience of learning from the safety and comfort of their home.  Parents enjoy having the lesson planning done for them.  We also help you decide what courses are best for your high school student with annual consultations. 

Christian Worldview

Our Vision, Mission and Statement of Faith all promote a Christian worldview. All curriculums utilized have our core beliefs at the center.

Parent Support

Your academic advisor will guide you in selecting curriculum and courses after reviewing the student’s educational background and/or diagnostic testing.

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Learning takes place wherever you are and can be outside 8-3:30! Does your student learn better in the evening? You set the schedule. Advanced learners can move as quickly as they like, while students struggling on a concept can take their time.

High School Diploma Option

A variety of courses of study offered by SMCS will allow your student to earn their high school diploma. There is also an accreditation status of AOA (Alpha Omega Academy) that helps course credits from SMCS* be recognized by colleges or accepted for transfer to another high school across the United States.

*You must choose the Accreditation option of purchase to qualify for it. 


SMCS is centered around you and your student. Your school calendar and the start date of your school year is individualized. Your student's daily course work can be scheduled according to your family's needs.

Self-Paced Learning

In a classroom the pace of learning is determined by the teacher or the learning level of the majority of the class. This leaves out those that need more explanation and wastes time of those who already understand the concept. At SMCS – you set the pace! Students may finish a grade level at an accelerated rate or take up to twelve months.

Accreditation Option

Accreditation through AOA* (Alpha Omega Academy) means we stand above the crowd.

*You must choose the Accreditation option of purchase to qualify for it.